The Bible makes it clear that every time that there

is a story of faith, it is completely original.”

~ Eugene H. Peterson, Run with the Horses ~

Throughout all the years of my life, I have been told by numerous people along the way that I should write. And I have. Sometimes poetry, sometimes essays, sometimes special messages for others in cards on special occasions. Sometimes articles on topics that compel my voice to speak up and out against what I believe to be wrong. Other times, I have simply written the words that would free up my soul in a day.

I have always known and sensed this to be true – because, for me, writing is a passion.

It stirs my soul. It nourishes my spirit. It breathes life into my being, all the way to its core. But it’s not the act of writing, itself, that so fiercely lures me into a subtle flirt with words here and a fiery romance there. It’s how the whisper of one soul is entwined within the soul of another when we echo the language of words that can so vigorously communicate love, hope, healing and restoration into another life.

Language fills the space between lives and affirms to another: I see you! I know the thrill of your dreams being accomplished. I carry the weight of your heartbreak. I hear the crescendo of your spirit arising out of the ashes of defeat and I celebrate this birth with you.

Language is satiated with words that can set our souls ablaze. Words? They set my soul ablaze. With passion.

Published March 2015

The Lesson is a true account of two souls colliding in the midst of Grace.

This was my story, my testimony to love and how my Savior, Yeshua, broke open my heart and dusted out the cobwebs of too many years of pain. Sean was the vessel that imparted the lesson of Love’s constant yearning to heal, repair and restore a soul and spirit back to its original beauty.

I wrote and published this short testimony in 2015 and am grateful to Yahweh for the healing and restoration work already accomplished in the souls of those who read it. Some readers were so deeply affected by the raw truth of this work that they were compelled to read it twice.

This simple soul whisper can be found within the pages of The Lesson:


“Sometimes love doesn’t come in a gushing wind. Sometimes love doesn’t come in a burst of thunder. Sometimes … love just comes softly.”

Published September 2016

Five Minute Friday is a collection of stories written and contributed by the Five Minute Friday writing community.

“Every Friday, for years, hundreds of people have joined an online writing flash mob called Five Minute Friday – a community of word lovers who throw caution to the wind and just write without worrying if it’s just right.”

Because if you only have five minutes to write, don’t spend them defeated. Spend them writing.”

[excerpt from the back cover of the book]I contributed a poem called A Chorus of Adoration on the word prompt: quiet.

Published February 2017

Dancin’ Feet is a tender, yet compelling, love story that proclaims the powerful redemption song of the author’s Beloved Savior, from her earliest memory of dancing through the sunbeams during her first dance lesson, to worshiping with banners and flags, to the chords of an eternal tune sung to her by the One who designed her to dance in the embrace of the Eternal Dance with Him.

The author, lovingly crowned Freedom by the King of the Dance, penned this rhythmic flow of how her Creator and Savior graciously waltzed into her seven-year-old life and turned her cha-cha-cha’s into an alluring romance between a thirty-four-year old, parched soul and the Lover of that soul.

I contributed a poem called Freedom is a Dancer.

Published September 2015

Author and illustrator, Chantelle Goldswain, had a dream: to publish her first children’s book. But, she didn’t know where or how to start.

I was approached by a friend involved in publishing Christian stories, to assist with the publishing of this delightful book and swiftly consented to doing the copy editing too.

A Day in the Animal Kingdom is the sweet tale of a father’s love for his children and instinctive desire to protect them in the midst of unexpected danger. With exquisite illustrations that add strength to the story, it is sure to create beautiful bonding moments between parent and child, as a bedtime story, or a precious gift for children just old enough to read.

It tells the story of Zhandi and Zekkie, two little zebras, who decide to do something exciting one day. They decide to go exploring! But, soon, they realize something alarming. They are lost. Will they find their way home?