Meet Zivah

Hello and Welcome! I’m Zivah. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you’ll stay a while.

I’m in a passionate, intimate love-relationship with Yeshua, my Redeemer and King: I’m consumed by His Word and in awe of His presence. We met in 2003 and have been inseparable ever since. He’s my praise and my boast. And I am His.

I love the sea: it’s where I inhale – in Spirit and Truth. Where my soul roars with freedom and my heart explodes with life in abundance. This – the ocean – is where I hold the face of my Creator and the One who was crucified for me.

We embrace here. We laugh here. We shed tears together here; all mingled in the rush of ocean waves that gently hug their froth around my ankles and my feet. This is the place of glories shared and yearnings revealed. Of our hearts breaking open. Of betrothal affirmed. Where this deer need pant no more, because I know I am found in Him.

I love shining with the sun: summer is my spring. I blossom. I thrive. I flourish. No thick padded jackets. No socks with my shoes. No scarves that tickle my skin. Just simple living: one layer of clothing, walks on the beach, hikes in the woods. Sundown chats sipping drinks in the garden. Exploring the outdoors.

Dancing with the raindrops: water soothes me. It calms my senses. It gathers my being to peace. It cleanses and refreshes. Raindrops frizzle my hair and invigorate my skin. I tingle with energy.

And being with my beloved: 22 years married and 22 years in love. We’re best friends. We’re soul mates. He finishes my sentences. I correct his grammar. It’s commitment. It’s adorable. It’s love.

I love words: giving them, receiving them. Words are my whispers, one soul to another. Sometimes they fit. Other times they’re a size too big or an inch too small. All the time they feed my soul and strengthen my spirit. I breathe in words.

I love a world captured through a lens and imprinted on the pin-board of my soul: long, lonely pathways; tall, strong trees and uninhabited benches especially stir my soul. Feature in some human faces, the sun melting into shadows, or fierce waves breaking over ocean currents and I’m excited. Along with my Canon EOS 300D.

I have a pet (hate) – I.N.J.U.S.T.I.C.E. (and all it’s inmates): my desire is to eradicate it from society and life. Hand in hand, heart to heart, and prayerfully is usually how I do this. I’m an activist at heart, with a focus on righteousness and justice – a deep thinking, deep feeling woman, eager to take the hand of another and lead her out of the shadows and on to the stage, into the Light. To me, all lives matter. Equally.

I am my own brand: no boxing, labeling or packaging required. I am my Daddy’s girl. See me rise. Then watch me soar.

Sidebar: I qualified as a trauma counselor, completed a magazine journalism course and a journalism course. Which simply means: I thrive on counseling others through their emotional pain, come alive when I’m writing, am invigorated when helping others find their voice in editing the sacred whispers of their soul, and rejoice in being an instrument in the hand of Yeshua, the One I worship and adore.