I represent the woman who has limped through most of the hours of her life with a broken heart and a crushed spirit. The one who created a safe-haven for herself in the shadows, to hide, while secretly craving even just a glimpse of the Light.

I am the woman who laughed out loud into the universe, but quietly lamented behind the mask she wore and didn’t choose for herself, but didn’t have the wisdom or the courage to remove what others had chosen for her.

I am the woman who has been oppressed beyond the strength to believe in freedom and friendship and the integrity of love, but whose spirit rebelled and compelled her to forge her way through the desolation of her life and war against injustice to find a healing balm for the wounds and deliverance from the shackles of abuse.

The woman who would not be conquered by fear, because with every outburst of oppression her soul grew steadier, stronger and more resilient, until the nervous quivering of her voice gently started shattering the mould of silence. The one who understood that her spirit was created to soar and no word or deed from another had the power to silence that.

The one who hoped, who dreamed of an image in her mirror that looked more like she imagined the angels did in heaven, but couldn’t see their Maker for too many moments of her torn and ravaged life. Yet, hoped to meet the One who could turn her ashes into beauty and lift her up into His arms of deliverance and grace.

The woman who screamed, and hid within the shadows of her dreams, and rose up against the words and deeds of those who would strip her of her identity as the one who wears a crown from the King who cried alongside her, when everyone else just seemed to shudder at the torn look and the violence that bruised her soul.

I am the woman who felt the touch of the Saviour’s hand: kneading, pressing, moulding the unrefined image of the clay He held so lovingly, while grieving for her soul as He shaped her heart into an image far more exquisite than the image of the angel she once dreamed of being.

I am the woman who God set free. The woman He crowned with a new identity.

I am a Woman.

I am a Warrior Woman.

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