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A friend has been led to have her book published. It’s about her journey as a dancer, from secular dancing to spiritual dancing. This is a powerful and exquisite testimony to the romance and captivating love of God for a daughter in despair. It details how dancing, her first love and passion for many years, is suddenly and permanently replaced by her God, her true First Love, and the Lover of her soul!

She recently asked me to help her, to edit her words and guide her in how to refine them so that this love affair with her Creator and Saviour will be conveyed just as it occurred, as it spread out throughout her years to date. It was an honour and privilege to be considered for the task.

So, I prayed and read and prayed even more. Because the more I read the more I realised just how incredible this God is that we serve. The One who seems so far off, yet is right next to us, and all around us. He is ever present and always ready to help and deliver.

Just as he did for my friend in reaching down into her life – a little girl of seven when she started her love affair with dancing, and gently replaced the passion for the dance within, into a passion for the One who created the Dance, The One who wooed her and romanced her on every floor where her feet moved to the rhythm and tune of His love.

Where Freedom became a Dancer.


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