Wordsmith: noun – a skilled user of words [a skilful writer]


I remember when I first heard this word. It was in high school, when I was in about Grade 9. My English teacher, Mr Smith, called me one.

Not having heard the word before, I didn’t fully understand what he meant. I recall him saying, “not a wordsmurf, but a wordsmith”. And asking at the time, “Where is my wordsmith?” and then calling out to me. I was elated. Even though I didn’t quite know the meaning, I understood that it was good. After all, it had to do with words, right?

I love words. I breathe in words. They light little fires in my soul and carry me away to a land of beauty: one decorated in pastures green and lanterns beside a pathway of memories shared and sacrifice made. To me, words are soul whispers – one to another.

Many a day they are welcome friends – some days even when they hurt.

Even though I am at the South side of the world and another at the North side, still, I can whisper comfort, encouragement and Truth into her soul. Such is the power of words.

We all collect something that feeds our souls. I collect soul whispers.

Today, I’d like to share some with you:

Whispers of the Soul


Whispers of the Soula


Whispers of the Soulb


Whispers of the Soulc


Whispers of the Sould



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