Today I’m joining the FMF team to write about: Haven.



One of my favourite portions of Scripture is 2 Samuel 22. It speaks so powerfully of God’s fierce love He has for His children and all He will do to protect them. All throughout the chapter, it also describes how, in so many different ways, He is our haven.

In the same way that God has always been a haven for me, my prayer has always been that He would help me make our home a safe haven for others; for all those who He wants to send to us: those who are wandering aimlessly, those who are broken and bleeding, those whose feet are calloused and in need of great care and rest. And God has honoured my prayer.

But there is another meaning to haven that has come to settle in my soul. When I consider that my body is the temple of His Spirit – His Presence – my soul is stirred to create and establish a haven for Him, in me. A dwelling place for His Spirit, where He is at rest, and peace, and secure in My love for Him.


A place where He knows that He is the One and doesn’t have to compete for my attention, adoration and worship. That place where He knows He is King!

Selah. Selah.


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