Well, it’s 34 degrees in my area today and so the Five Minute Friday prompt for this week is almost prophetic for what I need to do to overcome the weather conditions during the next few days: FOCUS.


I didn’t always focus well. I struggled to focus on a goal and ensure that I achieve it. This always led to disappointment and discouragement. And eventually to giving up.

But, then, there was always a nagging voice in my heart and spirit encouraging me to continue. To re-adjust my focus and re-arrange my thoughts to learn a wiser method of setting goals and achieving them. Which is how I learned a life-changing lesson: how to focus.

To focus, I needed to prioritise – otherwise there would be no order and I’d be easily distracted to pay attention to what would not accomplish my end goal. So I first practiced prioritising. This naturally provided the discipline I needed to focus, because now I knew what to give my attention to and what to spend my energy on. Once that was done, I had set my goals and could peacefully work towards achieving them.

Achieving my goals was exhilarating. Not only could I see progress in checking off my to-do list, but essentially, it assisted in bringing my thoughts and emotions into agreement and establishing order in my life. It determined what was important for me to live my values, thereby creating a framework in which I could be authentic. Be real. And not give in to pressure to live according to someone else’s values and expectations.

Mostly, I also learned how to prioritise my life to God’s order. In doing this, I established much needed peace in my life. God first, hubby second – and then everyone else.

And I could create space for regular and valued time to spend on all those beautiful things that feed my soul.


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