The last two weeks have been credible lessons in character development for me.

Physically, I struggled with tiredness resulting from continued scorching temperatures that led to lack of restful sleep. A similar measure of tiredness came to settle inside me spiritually, due to a bit of wrestling I’ve been doing to walk in the truth of who I am in Yeshua. And, emotionally, I strained against the influence of both these areas to remain focussed, strong and resolved in filling up the moments with meaningful activity and Sabbath rest.

But, I didn’t always succeed. So for the most of this past week, I’ve been seeking refuge: sometimes in the Word, sometimes in prayer – and other times in playful purpose of simply feeding my soul.

Therefore, I’m eager to stomp off the dust and am lifting my spirit to praise the One who gathers and heals – with my gratitudes for this week:


Biblical Hebrew:

I started studying biblical Hebrew two weeks ago. The potential to read Scripture in the original text it was written in inspires me to excavate the Word with even more vigour and earnest than I’ve been doing thus far. A definite incentive to study Hebrew diligently. The bonus here is adding a third language to my repertoire – my language salad in the making.

Cancelled appointments:

I pushed myself a little too hard last week in all the writing, editing, home managing and studying I’ve been involved in lately, so this week I was forced to slow down the pace considerably. Fortunately, I was also blessed to have a little of my time redeemed by a text message from a friend cancelling a meeting we had on Wednesday morning. With hubby working, I could engage in quality and quantity me time by setting aside some of the more gruelling chores for another day.


When it’s most needed, but also most unexpected. Little else strengthens me against the crumbling power of negativity than well placed surprises. And when these come in the form of Spirit-filled words, it’s even more liberating.


The movie. A true story. And every time I watch it, I’m exhilarated and alive and pounding imaginary dust under my imaginary hooves and galloping my own 31 lengths ahead of all the subtle annoyances in my life that gnaw at my blissful sense of justice and unshakeable peace. I’m galloping my race with a 31-length smile.


A synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language. Words that are synonyms are said to be synonymous, and the state of being a synonym is called synonymy [].

Kind of like braggadocio and gasbag is to loudmouth!?


There now. All done. And additionally grateful for hope restored.


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