It’s Five Minute Friday time again and we’re writing on the prompt: Quiet.


We stand poised – tense in our waiting; unabashed in our desire – for the King to lower His sceptre

Swans inhale their song to their bosom and – hold

Eagles perch on their edges, the cliffs their steady stand

Trees line up, unrelenting in their stance – not yet yielding to the gentle persuasion of the breeze

[it’s not the appointed time]


Cheetahs prepare for the sprint – sinews flexing – anticipating the lunge forward for its cause

Clouds. Gather. To their sky-approved choreography

Ocean waters gather: strength and stealth from the rhythm of all currents. Backwards. Upwards. Aimed for the shore like a stone from David’s sling

Dolphins team together for their dance

While the spirit of man awakens to the familiar prompt of its Greater Namesake – knowing – in the waiting


All creation is held in this one moment of absolute stillness, absolute readiness, absolute QUIET.


One. Two. Three.

[the conductor taps]


The sceptre is lowered

The sun pliés

and …


All of creation breaks forth into a crescendo of worship

A chorus of adoration

A mélange of bows, melody and dance

The fragrance of flowers lifted by the wind … lifting, lifting – higher still

Twirls into the nostrils of the King


And His lips break open in a smile!


Linking up to Kate Motaung’s Five-Minute-Friday.

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