So, it’s another Friday – and that means another Five Minute Friday! This week’s prompt is: Present.


As a believer, I have found it important to practice the presence of God in my life: to ensure, daily, that He is always included in everything I do. Which means He must be involved in my thoughts, emotions, desires and goals.

But, recently, God started showing me how much more important it is for me to be present in His life – His Kingdom.

His Kingdom is my home, and as my Father and King He wants to ensure that I am well and not wandering off somewhere in the world where I’m at risk of being hurt.

As His child, I want to ensure that His Kingdom prospers, over all other kingdoms. That His Name is exalted above all other names.

If I am present, then I am also in agreement with Him and all that He wants me to do. I, too, am mindful of what needs to be done to prosper and grow His Kingdom.

Besides being His child, I am also a labourer in His vineyard. Therefore I work at constantly being busy with the work that His vineyard requires: planting seed, tilling the soil, weeding, nurturing and watering, so that fruit will grow and yield a huge harvest.

Being present in His Kingdom also means that I shift focus and perspective. I don’t include Him in what I am doing in the world, but rather, I become involved in what He is doing in the world. So that when He calls, I am at the place where I need to be to hear His voice – to be found – by Him.

He doesn’t need to search for me. I am where I need to be to hear His voice – the voice of my King.


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Have a blessed weekend!

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