This week was a hard one. Temperatures were scorching to the point that I could hardly produce any creative thought. I attempted many tasks this week, but have to admit that I caved in to the humidity and struggled to stay focused. So, not a productive week compared to my to-do list.

But, thankfully, strategic revelation from YHWH is not dependant on the weather, but my ability and availability to hear. And I did. And perhaps this was the most important task to complete for this week.

In addition to being grateful for hearing the voice of my King, I’m also grateful for the following:


who comes to clean for me every second week. She’s been away on holiday for the last couple of weeks. It was comforting to have her back here this week and catch up on all her news over a cup of tea, before we endeavoured to clean my home. Her children thrived on seeing their grandparents and came back exhilarated and eager to start the first school term for 2016. Sadly, her husband is still unemployed.


I started editing the work of a friend and sister-in-faith this week. She is also a Christian publisher. I am grateful for the privilege of being trusted with someone else’s words and heart.

Time Out:

We don’t have a swimming pool. Hubby and I decided against it many years ago and living approximately 10 minutes-drive from the beach justifies us not having one. But with the high temperatures we’ve had for the last few weeks, I was feeling oppressed and caged in. With hubby also intensely busy at work and me busy at home, we’ve not been going out during this time. So on Wednesday morning we packed a beach bag and headed off for some bonding and get-me-out-of-here time. It worked. I’m no longer verging on taking on a Mrs Hyde persona any time soon.

Online Community:

I love words. I love people. I’m always eager to know what others are thinking and feeling. Small talk has its purpose, but for me it’s the deeper, larger conversations that stir up my soul. Often, I find these conversations occurring in posts on blogs and websites I subscribe to. This week I’m especially inspired by:

Mary DeMuth at:

Esther Emery at:

Kelly Nikondeha at:

Sarah Joslyn at:

So much food for the soul right here.

Silence and calm:

The holidays are over and most people have found their way back to school and work. So it’s less frenzy and more focus for many at this time. Shopping centres are quieter and life around me remarkably more still and calm. Which means I’m grateful for the space to move around more rationally and the absence of noise that too often bashes my peace.


Until next week: I’m pursuing joy and savouring life.

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