It is often easier to grumble about what we believe we’re being deprived of, than to rejoice and delight in what we’re being blessed with. So, in keeping with my One Word 365 for this year – explore – and as an antidote to any grumbling I may feel inclined to do, I‘ve devised a tool to help me focus on all the good in my life: a weekly gratitude list.

Here are my five gratitudes for this week:


I’m grateful for the love of Yeshua, my Saviour. Each day I awake to the knowledge that I am faithfully loved and held, and nurtured in a sacred place in His heart. This love has no fence to contain it. It seeps into my soul and gathers me into His arms where I can rest in Words whispered to my heart assuring me that I am His. Still. I belong. I’m accepted. I’m approved – despite my flaws and failings – and because of them. When I’m at my worst His love reminds me that He is at His best. Always. Each night I can rest in His sovereign arms and breathe, because He covers me.


He is strong. He is stable and secure. He is generous. He is earnest in helping to ease another’s burden. Most often, it’s mine. I can reach out and know his hand is reaching back to grab mine, should I be stumbling over a hurt or a challenging task. Though when I err, he will tell me so. When I achieve, he will smile his dimple-smile while his eyes gently wink a “Nice. Well done!” Mostly, he makes me laugh, because he knows there is a shadow on my soul for those in the world who lack: love, justice, hope. [Some will think I’m too serious … ]


Sixteen months of freedom from grinding deadlines, backed-up traffic, abrasive expectations, and 5am alarm shrieks and I’m ever grateful to be home. Grateful to have a home. To awaken to a 6.30am melody inviting me to arise to the array of bird songs collecting in my garden where chairs and a table await me to spend the first hours of each day worshipping an awesome and awe-inspiring Father. Where priorities are set according to the will of the One who created me for His divine purpose and deadlines set parallel to His. And moments are spent revelling in the work of my hands that He has procured for me to do as a labourer in His vineyard.


A neighbour sent a text this week to encourage us to donate water to those in our country travailing through severe drought conditions. As my spirit responded with an immediate ‘yes’ and my heart bounced with excitement at the opportunity to ease some of their suffering, I realised this: I am grateful to have water. But, to the degree that I am grateful, I am also angry at the injustice of even one person in my world having no access to water at all.


A couple of weeks ago hubby built a water feature for our back garden. The mellifluous soothing of the trickling water reminds me of rest. In abundance. Except that there were no flowers to adorn it. There were only pebbles, harsh and hard and detracting from the serenity of the water. So, this week, we shopped for the tall and the short of colour-infused plants to decorate this humble oasis and provide it with life. And a large bouquet of flowers for the lounge.

That’s it for this week. Happiness!

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