I was introduced to the concept and community of One Word 365 by Claire de Boer. It was in December 2014 that she posted on her website what her one word for this year would be and encouraged her readers to share their word for the new year.

I was intrigued. The idea of all my emotions, aspirations, desires and contemplations being gathered together and sacredly held in just one word for so many days, challenged me. What word could this possibly be? So, I prayed and pondered, and gradually, through a mist of thousands of other words, just one began emerging – taking shape at the foundation of my soul: achieve.

Achieve didn’t surprise me, but it did create within me a child-like anticipation for the journey ahead. I was keen to savour each moment of these days in which I would be led to live out the width, height, depth and length of all that is encompassed in the meaning of this word. Not the Oxford meaning, though. Rather, the one imparted to me and for me by the Spirit of YHWH.

Now, months later, as the year prepares to cross over the finish line, I find myself coming to rest in reflections of the moments that carried me here:

Living Stones: I met and befriended the publisher at Living Stones Multimedia Publishing. We met in December 2014 and then again in February this year. The intention was for her to assist me in publishing a short story I had written. Instead, we became friends and sisters-in-faith – and I published the story myself.

The Lesson: This was my story. My testimony to love and how Yeshua broke open my heart and dusted out the cobwebs of too many years of pain. Sean was the vessel that brought home the lesson to me of Love’s constant yearning to heal, repair and restore a soul and spirit back to its original beauty.

The Lesson

I discovered a fascinating new world – one I had always hoped to become involved in. This was the world of copy editing, ISBN numbers, approving layout, liaising with the printing company, proof reading and then finally – after many phone calls, text messages, emails and visits to the printers – the releasing of a part of my soul that I had cradled in my arms and nurtured for approximately eight years.

The Lesson was published – 10 March 2015.

A Day in the Animal Kingdom:

I met the author and illustrator of this precious children’s book at the first Living Stones meeting held in February. After chatting to and prompting her to hand over the manuscript to the publisher on the team, I found myself in the role of copy editor, proofreader and assisting with the publishing. A Day in the Animal Kingdom was successfully launched on 21 November this year.

Animal Kingdom

Women’s Fellowship Group: I joined this group in the hope of finding a place at the faith-building table of sisterhood. Months later, I find myself deeply encouraged, inspired and in a deeper intimacy with Yeshua, my Saviour and King. I also find myself feasting at a place where I belong.

Counselling: Abuse has always been on my radar. This year I had the privilege of counselling women who were dealing with the effects of abuse and being invited to walk part of their healing journey with them. The experience was profoundly healing for me too.

Uncle J Dies: Uncle Jimmy was Sean’s father and it was through him that I met and spent the last few months of Sean’s life with him. So, walking through the same experience from February to June this year with his father was surreal. I suddenly realised during the months of visiting Uncle J in hospital – reading, singing and chatting to him during the few moments he was able to – that learning to love the son had prepared me to love the father. Uncle J left us on 11 June this year.

1 Year Anniversary: I celebrated my first anniversary being home on 29 August. It’s been one of the most liberating years of my life. No traffic, no deadlines, no structured leave plan – bliss.

20th Wedding Anniversary: Another anniversary celebrated was twenty beautiful years with hubby.


We met young, married quickly and have been best friends ever since. The road together has healed, restored and nurtured both our souls. He is still my one and only.

Soul Writing 101: I completed Claire de Boer’s six-week Soul Writing 101 course on 24 December. What an incredibly freeing journey this was – and some valuable time spent uncovering some deeply held beliefs that were sabotaging my personal growth.  An effective tool for personal reflection, evaluation and growth.

Websites: Life, as a working woman, was busy. I started two blogs three years ago, but being in the throes of healing from abuse during the last few years, I completely neglected them. So, in November this year, I embraced more of life-at-home and was inspired to start the process in creating two new websites.

The greatest achievement for me here was in discovering that I could do most of this myself. I had employed someone to create and manage the sites, but this arrangement went a bit wayward on me. Instead of pouting about it, though, I jumped in, with a bit of help and support from my incredible hubby, and discovered yet another exciting world – the world of themes, widgets and plugins.

Giving credit where due: Of course, none of these achievements would appear on these pages if it wasn’t for Yeshua, my Redeemer and King. Each one noted on the list I hold up today testifies to His love, favour and mercy that abounds in my life and surpasses all understanding. Each one encompassing moments of rejoicing, suffering, hope swelling and melting, the valleys and hills we negotiated with my hand resting securely in His as we continued to leave a trail of footprints from here into eternity.

And, there’s more! In keeping with custom I posted my new word for the next 365 days today – Explore!

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